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Cappadocia: Eat, Play, Stay

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Cappadocia is one of the most interesting, untouched and exotic regions in Turkey. Located in the middle of the country, in a area commonly referred to as Central Anatolia. Cappadocia is one of the oldest regions know to man. Famous for the lunar like landscape, and cone - like formations that serve as housing for the residents, this region is one of the hippest new destinations.

As one drives down the dirt road to reach Goreme, one of the main town, it's the twinkling lights and pre-historic limestone based rock formation that steals the show. With a landscape that looks like a scene from Star Wars, it's easy to see why this destination is at the top of every exotic travelers must do list.

For an out of this world adventure to match the dramatic topography; here are a few of my favorite experiences to be had in this rocky region:


With a history that dates back thousand of years its no wonder that some of the cooking methods are still stuck in Byzantines times. Swing by Dibek restaurant where one can step back in time and enjoy a home cooked meal in an handmade clay pot. The clay is collected from the nearby river just as it has been for centuries.The best part is finding the perfect crease to crack the pot open to release the delicious aromas. Whoever knew that smashing pots would be so appetizing!

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