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Evolution of Love: The How

One of the things I’ve learned through this exciting, stressful and emotional time is that wedding planning is a process. Vernon Ash once said and I paraphrase; “God gives you a glimpse of your future glories so you can deal with the pain of the process.” Truer words have never been spoken about the trials and tribulations of tying the knot.
Photo Credit: Bahamas Wedding Productions

Once the initial engagement excitement has subsided the real work begins. Having executed several million dollar events in the past, I couldn’t fathom that throwing a wedding party could be too complicated. Wow, was I in for a surprise!


Luckily, I had a great wedding planner that mades sure I was on task, focused and committed to the painstaking task. The very best decision we made was to commit to an arrangement visit. This is fancy bridal terminology for deciding to visit the property to meet with our vendors and see our location in person. While Skype calls and emails can be effective, nothing compares to meeting your wedding magicians face to face. Our wedding planner planned out our whole itinerary. Highlights included seeing our venue first hand, meeting with the Bahamas Visual Services videographer and discussing decor details with Wildflowers Event company. We viewed the save the date & invitation line as well as looked at gift options for our guests. Love Atlantis created a planning experience that was seamless, simple and systematic.


If you have been married you will understand and if you haven’t then one day you will. It is a rite of passage. The planning process will inspire, frustrate, annoy and overwhelm and perhaps even challenge the very reason you decided to get married in the first place. Stay strong, stay true and stay the course. For when the rehearsal is done, the ceremony is over and the last song has been played, the only thing that remains is the person standing by your side.


Remember that you have chosen each other through every trial, every tear and every triumph.

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