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Evolution of Love: The Who?

We are two nomadic souls who are always wandering the globe, catching up with friends, family and loved ones in each city. We have very unconventional relationships with our loved ones, where we don’t always speak, see, hug on a regular basis but to us our interactions are as meaningful and special as if we saw them every Sunday. We exist in a bizarre world where the intensity and meaning of a relationship isn’t defined by how many times we speak or by how often we have catch up dinners. Therefore during the wedding planning process our biggest challenge has been the guest list. Who do you invite to your wedding? Why do you invite them to your wedding? What are the rules? Are there any rules?

Having been engaged for a solid year and a half before sending out invites our dear ones have been teased with floating dates and locations. We are travelers, explorers and live for the next adventure, passionate about the journey. It was important to plan a celebration that reflected our excitement for the journey, our love for the place but was still within everyone’s grasp. After weighing several destinations such as Cape Town and Miami, the Bahamas ultimately took the cake. Nothing could beat the joy, energy and pure bliss of tying the knot on the same island where we fell in love. As a good friend of mine stated, “a wedding is not about the bride & groom but rather a celebration of their past as individuals, their friends, and their families.” My advice to future couples, pick people that add value & have meaning in your life. Close your eyes and picture your loved ones faces. Only invite the people that you see smiling, celebrating in this magical milestone. The loved ones, who have pure intentions, have gratitude & respect for the unity of marriage and an everlasting hope that this newly minted family will dance in the sun and weather every storm.

Our primary goal was to create a wedding that in every sense was a celebration for all the people we love. Zak & I will have the rest of our lives to celebrate each other. We wanted this moment to be for our loved ones to enjoy, celebrate, feast and indulge their every dream at our fairy tale wedding. It would be a gesture that pays homage to the individuals who have brought us this far. Our mates that have set us on a course so our ships could meet and our boat lines could intertwine. Atlantis Resort made perfect sense because we could allow everyone to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Of course our wedding was the catalyst for the trip but we wanted our guests to enjoy and celebrate our families, their families, their friends and glorious sunshine days. Filled with water adventures, exploring the beautiful island, immersing in the culture and utilizing the fact that simply put, it is always better in the Bahamas!

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