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Prologue: Evolution of Love ~

The story of us

This is a tale. At moments it might be tall, memories slightly blurry, minutes emphasized, reconstructed in language but the sentiment, message and meaning will remain the same. Written in the sand, waiting to be enveloped by the sea, this is our story, our tale, and our chapters.

We met on a normal workday downstairs at Starbucks in Coral Towers lobby. I was heading downstairs to grab my caffeine fix; Zak was walking around property with our mutual friend and colleague Donna. I walked past them and smiled, and they nodded in return. Zak turned to Donna and asked her about who I was, she responded that I was already in a committed relationship and that he should look elsewhere to enjoy the perks of being “fresh meat on the island.” In a manner that only one, who has lived on a tiny island with a microscopic gene pool, would fully comprehend.

A few days later I needed a group of models for an upcoming event and Donna recommended that I reach out to Zak for this work. We caught up in Coral Towers lobby and ended up chatting for what seemed like days. I asked Zak where he lived and he explained his nomadic existence. Having been raised the child of a diplomat that frequently moved, this lifestyle and ideology immediately resonated within my soul.

The following year we reconnected on social media, as he was interested in securing an apartment and knew I had lived in different types of accommodations on paradise island. I sent Zak some recommendations and we reconnected over dinner on his next trip. We became friends, really good friends. Zak would join me on walks with my dog Athena, would bring a tennis ball and libations. We would spend hours watching the sunset, frolicking in the oceans, talking about the universe, future dreams and memories from our past. He took on the role of TRX trainer for morning workouts on the beach and stepped up as an advisor on how to start my own business. After a few months of spending time together, my apartment became his apartment, we spent hours talking, working out on the beach, cooking dinner. Our time together was simple, honest and meaningful.

On September 10, 2012 we spent a lovely sunset together. Zak was departing the island and we decided to celebrate our time together with a bottle of bubbly, two plastic tumblers and a vast beautiful beach at The Reef, Atlantis. We honored our relationship by writing our names and year in the sand, not knowing what the future apart would hold. Our focus was on the present and being grateful for the moments that we shared.

That day will be one I will never forget. We were in love with life, each other and excited for whatever the future may hold. The sentiment was so strong we wrote the words “Live your life” in the sand at sunset. The one defining moment in our relationship when we both knew that the most important thing was to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

In a serendipitous chain of events, 3 years later we would be standing on that very spot, choosing the "Love your Life" wedding package. Little did we know, we would use this scene as the backdrop for Atlantis venue called Ocean's Edge. It will become the spring board for future couples to embark on their life journey together.

The realization is that when you write magical moments down, your dreams can become true in ways much larger and more powerful than you have ever imagined.


I will be the happiest girl in the world when I marry my sidekick, teammate, best friend, mentor and partner in the greatest adventure called LIFE!

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